Why Alilm Astana?

Islam is the path of "knowledge." It is a religion that invites its followers to exercise their intellect and make use of their knowledge to attain the ultimate truth (haqq). The term used for knowledge in Arabic is ilm, which has a much wider connotation than its synonyms in English and other Western languages. 'Knowledge' falls short of expressing all the aspects of ilm. Knowledge in the Western world means information about something, divine or corporeal, while ilm is an all-embracing term covering theory, action and education. We chose the name Al ilm as an appropriate title for working with the time-tested methodology of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in spreading the revealed knowledge of the Divine Teacher and Creator..

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User Experience

I previously had a Koran lessons, but it took months before I could read. But in few days everything will come up and I'm not going to neglect this time. The course is suitable for everyone and I will definitely recommend it to others. It is definitely motivating when you notice how quickly people make progress, Masha Allah. I have nothing more to say. My speechlessness says enough.

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Words of Wisdom

Sometimes in order to help He makes us cry Happy the eye that sheds tears for His sake Fortunate the heart that burns for His sake Laughter always follow tears Blessed are those who understand Life blossoms wherever water flows Where tears are shed divine mercy is shown.

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